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Michigan State University College of Law 1999-2002


My Web designer told me that I had to provide him with more information on myself to explain to people better who I am. Specifically he said for me to further explain my religious beliefs. What does it mean for me to say that I am a Christian. I know this, I know that I am right. I know that everything in the Bible is truth regardless of what the world may think. I know that speaking this way will drive some potential clients away. I wish only the best for them. I hate what the Devil has done to so many people; the depression the lack of hope and all the rest of it. It all makes me sick to my stomach.

I don’t represent defendants, I represent people. Real sometimes hurting people. My client just today while sitting in the court room is talking in a kidding sort of way about killing himself. I yelled at him “What the heck is a matter with you? What do I have to do with you, treat you like a child?”. I asked him what do I have to do handcuff him to myself and take you into my home.

Jesus Christ has done everything for me and has endowed me With an understanding and empathy for people addicted to drugs and or alchol. Finally as you can see here He has made me a lot more fearless as to how I view life and at times brutally honest. Jesus Loves you more then you will ever know.


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