Aggravated DWI Lawyer

aggravated DWI ) is a crime, and charged for driving with a BAC of .18 or higher. If a first offense in the last ten years, it is a misdemeanor.

Being charged with Aggravated DWI is serious, moreso than DWI, in that the fines and driver’s license suspension times are doubled. Expensive and time-consuming classes and counseling are mandatory, and a driver interlock device will be required to be installed in your ignition. Your insurance rates will go up, probably more than for DWI as well. Future employers may be aware or notified of your conviction. Getting a job where driving is required will be very difficult, and a job based on driving or piloting will be next to impossible.

Karl Myles takes full advantage of every detail and loophole. Did you know that Karl Myles goes over a complete DWI defense strategy that begins from the moment you were pulled over, to the moment you were put in jail?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the potential penalties you face, Karl Myles is not only very experienced in DWI law, he is an expert on putting you at ease and counseling you on what may come ahead. Karl Myles will shoulder the burden of your case. He will meet with you night or day, at your home or your jail cell to fight your charges. Call (716) 812-2228 now for immediate assistance.