DWI Attorney

DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), in New York, is an offense chargeable if one’s BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is proven to be at .08% or above. Drivers of commercial vehicles will be charged with DWI with a BAC of .04% above, and drivers under the legal drinking age of 21 are given “zero tolerance” and charged with a BAC of .02% or above (.01% given for a margin of error). If a chemical test is refused, the state can also charge you with DWI if they can prove that you showed signs of intoxication when you were pulled over.

The charge of one’s first DWI, or the first one in the last ten years, is usually a misdemeanor. A subsequent charge of DWI in the last ten years may be considered a felony.

While DWI is a misdemeanor, it has serious consequences. Significant fines are levied, insurance rates are increased, and there are additional costs associated with mandatory classes, panels, and counseling. Jail time is technically a possibility. Your driver’s license will be suspended, and the classes and counseling will take a significant portion of your time. Since Leandra’s Law was passed in 2010, a driver interlock device will be required to be installed to your ignition, so that you have to blow into it every time you need to start up your car. If installed, it is at your expense.

There are also longer, more indirect costs of being convicted of DWI. It may prevent you from future employment, especially where driving or piloting is central or required. It may also restrict military service options.

Being charged with DWI is not a death sentence. With a good DWI attorney like Karl Myles, you greatly increase your odds of being acquitted or pleading to a traffic violation.

DWI is also different from other defense cases; it is very open to interpretation. There are many more variables, conditions, and factors considered. For instance, did you know that the officer who breathalyzes you must be fully certified to administer breathalyzer tests? Or that the officer who arrests you must build a case for probable cause before requiring you to take that test? And that the said officer must be experienced or certified in DWI to arrest you for it? Did you know that the defendant’s character comes into play, and that factors such as this may get you an easier sentence?

Karl Myles takes full advantage of every detail and loophole. Did you know that Karl Myles goes over a complete DWI defense strategy that begins from the moment you were pulled over, to the moment you were put in jail?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the potential penalties you face, Karl Myles is not only very experienced in DWI law, he is an expert on putting you at ease and counseling you on what may come ahead. Karl Myles will shoulder the burden of your case. He will meet with you night or day, at your home or your jail cell to fight your charges. Call (716) 812-2228 now for immediate assistance.